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November 27, 2011 | By Manny1 | 2 answers | Expired: 1078 days ago

Adopted a 8 to 9 month lab mixture puppy. He is well behaved in his crate, shakes hands etc.
He just does not get it that he needs to do his business outside. We have used treats and praised him when he does go out, but we can never trust him to be in the house without carefully watching every move he makes because out of the blue he will just go! Our petsmart trainer says he is a "dirty dog". We think he was kenneled for his early months and obviously never trained. Anybody out there know if there is hope for him. He is very sweet and loving disposition. Thanks

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Nov 27, 2011

Put your pup on a leash and take him outside every half hour or hour. When he goes outside, praise him and reward him with a treat. After a few days, you should be able to identify the spot your dog has picked as his potty spot. Once you do, take him directly to that spot each time you take him outside. Once he gets the hang of the routine, he'll learn to wait. Just don't make him wait too long. Accidents are a natural part of housetraining your dog. It does no good to yell at them, spank them, or punish them in any way. And don't rub his nose in it. If you do catch him in the act just say "No!" in a firm voice and immediately take him outside to his spot. Praise him and reward him when he finishes. Use an enzymatic cleaner to clean any accidents inside to totally get rid of the scent. Otherwise, he'll be drawn to those spots by his own scent. Clicker training can also work. Some people even "bell train" their dogs by hanging a bell on or near the door and training their dog to ring it when they need to go. Also, when you take him out of his crate, immediately take him outside until he goes. When we rescued our dog, Cassidy, she was a year old and feral. Since she wasn't socialized, we kept her in a kennel in the garage. We placed puppy pads and newspaper at one end of the kennel. She immediately learned that that was where she should potty while in the kennel. We put a leash on her and led her to the yard several times a day, praising and rewarding her every time she went. She was still fearful of people but learned what was expected. Within a few weeks she was no longer going inside her kennel and instead waiting for us to take her out. She was house trained before she was totally socialized. You have to establish a routine for them.

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Nov 27, 2011

For my dog we brought him outside every hour, not at night though. And if he did mess up inside we would scold him, dogs want to please and understand voice tones, so this is a good way of letting them know they did something wrong. However it is only worth punishing them if you catch them in the act, otherwise they have no idea what their being punished for.

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