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I grew up with horses but thses 2 are about to beat me. Need info please! My son was given 2 horses a 15 year old mom and her 2 yr old baby which is her size. They are beauitful. Problem they were put on the small lot 2 yrs ago and abandoned the person next to the property started feeding them over the fence because they got so skinny you could see bones, Now they are beauitful. Well the person now has ownership of the horses and just wants to give them to someone who will take care of them we have 40 acers for them. We have tried to catch them with feed and hay to halter them with no luck. We parked the trailer there and put feed in it so they will not fear it. Also our vet gave us the injectable tranqulizer to calm them but can,t get close enough. Vet them gave us tranqulizer pills but does not calm enough to catch. Also the baby is a stud we fear they will bred soon. Would love to move them to our land but not sure we will ever catch them. P.S mom is a kicker and son loves to bite to do damage.

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May 03, 2011

You need to gain their trust & get them to where they trust you rather than fear you. Just be around them, feed them. You should be able to eventually touch them once they trust you. Let them approach you & get comfortable being near you. Touch them around the head, neck, & shoulders. Watch their responses & back off when you see either one of them getting uncomfortable or scared. Once they're comfortable with you touching them, introduce a soft rope. Rub them with it. Move it toward their heads. Lay it across their necks & their noses. Take everything slow. Is mom still the alpha of the two? If so, the colt will look to her for reactions. Win her over & he'll follow suit more easily. You may have to use gates & pen panels to trailer them. Is there a barn where you can back up to the door so the trailer is the only place they can go? Again, get the alpha of the two to go in first & it will be easier to get the other one in. Good luck.

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Apr 29, 2011

I would call in the animal cops for help or the vet there may be a fee or you may have to donate some come to think of it you might be able to ask the vet if they know where you can get a traqulizer dart gun and use that the horses would fall asleep and you could move them either while they where asleep or while they where drowsy. Also you might try looking this up on google. My aunt saved a wild horse and then kept her she calls her wildcat and even after saving wildcat from drownding in a gaint mud puddle that seemed more like a mud lake Wildcat did not trust her until one day that I went up there Wildcat let me pet her and get close to her and after that she became friends with my aunt. You could also find a horse to borrow and ride it and laso the horses like the cowboys did.

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daryl b.

May 01, 2011

try just going out with them and sitting there maybe with a handful of feed. eventually their curiosity should get the best of them..getting them in the trailer is another problem all together. good luck. just win them over first

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