Q: Horses halter

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Horses halter

I have a sweaty and sorta rusty halter that isnt exactly the same color as when i bought it lol what is the best way to clean a horses halter?

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tania b.

Nov 10, 2009

we have a washing machine in the tack room, we just throw several in at a time. add a little softner or they can get stiff when they dry and if you want to bring back a bright color, you can dye them with fabric dye. hope it helps

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Summer  B.

Oct 30, 2009

It might be easier to just buy a new halter~ you could try to clean it but keep in mind whatever you use, may transfer on to your horses skin- good luck!

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Oct 31, 2009

This isn't the best solution for everyone, but we have a separate washer and dryer for our horse stuff, we wash halters, leadlines, all of it in the washer, if it's really grimy before putting it in the washer dunk it in a bucked or warm water and mr.clean (or something similar). Depending on what we wash with it, sometimes we put them in the dryer as well, (especially with horse blankets to keep them fluffed up).

As for the rust, see what comes clean after the washer... if it's too rusty you may just have to replace it.
...oh and if it's leather don't put it in the washer... just use loads and loads of saddle soap, it'll come clean.

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