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My horse is a picky eater and i cant find any treats that he likes, i would like to us treats to help train him, does anyone know of any store bought or homemade horse treats that horses love? thanks :)

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Dec 20, 2009

I've had some crazy treats that my horses have preffered.
we also always buy local fresh carrots in teh summer and feed everyone the greens

The norms:
apples (be careful because they are acidic and can upset some horses)
Nature Valley granola bars
-candy canes (broken up) tis the season :)
sunflower seeds
homemade treats with oats, pepermint, molasses... etc

Mr. Freezees/ popsickles (these are great for horses who don't drink water on the road... the sugar gets them drinking
pound cake
pepsi (not recommended, I just have two girls who love to steal my mother's pepsi, and one who drinks out of the can....)
beer (again this was not me who gave it to her.. a past owner told us she like it... and NOT RECOMMENDED... )

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Susan P.

Dec 25, 2009

I only give them 2-3, but my horses absolutely love lifesavers! Their favorites are orange mint, cherry-lemonade, and all time favorite, butter-rum!

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Dec 13, 2009

My horses all love carrots. But I also buy them Mrs. Pastures horse cookies. They also love the crunchy Nature Valley granola bars. Hope you find something he likes!

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