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March 5, 2011 | By Dogz37 | 1 answer | Expired: 1788 days ago

Okay, so I've convinced my parents to let me get a horse, just one huge problem. The horse that I really want and get along great with is 15 thousand dollars, the tack is 4 thousand, and I've figured out a way to pay 6 thousand yearly instead of around 10 thousand, but my parents refuse to help me. I have all sorts of things I can do, but unless I get the horse in a year it really won't be worth getting one. So does anyone have any ideas? I'll be using grass for bedding that I will get for mowing peoples lawnes for money, but my problem is that unless I can make 50 dollars a day for 300 days and then 20 dollars a day for 200 days I woun't be able to get the horse in a year and the tack about 7 or 8 months after tat, and then teir is the problen of getting 6 thousand dollars per year after that, I know what I'll do when I go off to colledge, I'l sell it to my friends dad to use atleast while I'm at colledge. Any ideas, Anyone? Please help

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daryl b.

Mar 07, 2011

i don't mean to be mean but that is an overly excessive amt for your first horse. one way to be a little cheaper is to by used tack. you can probably find something for a couple of hundred dollars. since you are going away to college why not wait till you are done. it is a lot of responsability to put on someone else like your friends dad. there are plenty of terrific horses a whole lot cheaper

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