Q: Hissing At Nothing?

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Shorty is gonna go to the vet soon but this started just recently he got his flea stuff so he isn't hissing at fleas Shorty is staring off into space and hissing nothing is there and nothing in his life has changed also he is peeing everywhere except the litter box but the peeing outside of the litter box I figure is his irradable vowel syndrome which sience diet should help that but what about the hissing at nothing?

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Nov 24, 2012

It may appear to you that Shorty is hissing at nothing, but cats only do that when they think there is a problem. It's up to you to find out what is causing that problem. There are a number of reasons he could be behaving this way. If he appears to be staring off into space while hissing, it's possible there is something outside that is alarming him. Cats have a keen sense of smell that can detect things outdoors. They even sometimes hiss at things they see through a window that we don't always see. If something is coming around outside that alarms him or makes him feel threatened, that could also prevent him from using the litter box, especially if the box is located near a window or outside wall.

Sometimes cats hiss when they're upset with their owner or with another animal in the house. If there is a new pet or even one that has been around forever, they could be bothering and upsetting him, even if it's just because they're trying to initiate play or they're curious and following him around. This could also be another reason for him to stop using the litter box. Cats don't like to feel cornered in their litter boxes, even by their animal pals, and if they are over and over, they'll stop using the box.

Cats also hiss due to pain. Dental problems, pain due to disease, arthritis, anything that causes them pain can result in hissing as a response to that pain. Again, pain can also cause them to stop using the litter box. Cats that have UTIs or renal disease often stop using their litter boxes because they associate the box with the pain they feel when trying to use it. The irritable bowel syndrome could be causing pain or discomfort if it's not under control, but I doubt he would be urinating outside the box due to it. Irritable bowel syndrome, or IBS, affects the digestive tract, not the urinary tract.

Probiotics are shown to help immensely with IBS. NatureVet Enzymes work very well. Omega 3 fatty acids as found in fish oil reduce inflammation without the side effects of the steroids and other drugs given for inflammation. It also helps with skin issues, which I believe I've read that Shorty also has. It's also good for allergies. It's best to use Omega 3s derived from fish instead of plants.

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Dec 05, 2012

some people believe that cats and dogs are open to ghosts and other phenomenon. what you dont' see is there, they may see. they also have such wonderful eyesight and hearing that there may be a small something out of place that they recognize but you do not

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