Q: help with new puppy

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help with new puppy

my puppy was born breach was doing good the first day now is now eating from her mom. went to vet gave me milk replacer for her. but she is just crying and did take some of the milk. she did have bowel movement after eating. her belly is hard and she is still crying for last 2 hours.

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Sep 05, 2009

I wouldn't give advice on a puppy that young, you should call the Vet & maybe he will tell you something over the phone or he may want to see the pup again, I can guess he didn't have a proper bowl movement try gently rubbing his stomach, the mother usually does it with her tongue she licks the pups or a warm wash cloth on the tummy, but it could be something serious, a digestive problem of some kind or an allergy to the formula, Good Luck & please don't wait, go to emergency if you can't get to your Vet.

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Sep 06, 2009

Puppies that young has to have bowel movement after every feeding.
Take a paper towel and wet it with warm water and rub on pups bottom to stimulate bowel movement.
If she is constipated - this may take a while before it works.
You can also stick her bottom & belly under WARM NOT HOT water and this sometimes helps.
VERY important - they must be stimulated after each feeding for bowel movement.
They can not do this by themselves and not doing so can cause death.
If you have not contacted a vet - and pup has not made bowel movement - give her a small amount of
Pumpkin Pie filling. NOT the can pumkin.
Have you contacted a vet yet?
How is puppy doing now?

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