Q: help stop the wolf slaughter

February 26, 2010 | By Jillian | 3 answers | Expired: 1662 days ago


defenders of wildlife is asking for donations to stop cabelas from sponsoring wolf slaughters.

it's on their front page: www.defenders.org/

you can also email or call cabelas to voice your opinion: www.cabelas.com/cabelas/en/templates/community/customerservice/customer-service-home.jsp?cm_re=Footer*CustServ*022410

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daryl b.

Mar 08, 2010

i get their mailings everyday and always try to help in anyway i can. i do all their please sogn and even put my name on them. they are good causes

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Feb 26, 2010

i'd love to be able to chip in to get an ad like that run in a paper around here. we have a Cabela's in Gonzales, but in Denham Springs, there's a bigger, nicer, newer Bass Pro Shop. it isn't as if Cabela's is the only or even the best store of that variety around, and as dumb as so many people around here can be, i do believe that most would have a problem with people going out, shooting, and killing animals that are essentially the same creatures as their pet dogs for competition and sport.

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Denise L.

Mar 01, 2010

This is such a great cause! So many people don't realize that we are encroaching on the wildlife's habitat...all they care about are themselves! Wolves are necessary, as we are all connected in the web of life!

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