Q: Help, My New Kiten Keeps Biting

May 2, 2011 | By Dogz37 | 1 answer | Expired: 1731 days ago

What do I do, not even 6 months old. Very sweet. Other than this and not liking being held Pharo is a little angle! Please help (if you have advice for the holding issue is welcome to, I know it's normal but still, he is supposed to be company for our other cat who loves to be held and I dont want one to get jealous). Thankyou P.S. He was examined by a vet just 4 days ago, and i don't know if he was wresteled with at his former home.

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May 03, 2011

Has your kitten been examined by a vet recently? Sometimes biting, scratching, & other aggressive behaviors can be a sign of pain. A physical problem should be ruled out. Kittens just tend to bite. It's an important part of their development but they usually outgrow it. They play this way with their littermates & their toys. Don't wrestle with your kitten as this can teach it aggressive play. This teaches him that hands are toys. As they get older it becomes a lot more painful than fun. Once he bites or scratches, don't jerk away or make sudden movements. The kitten will interpret this as play & continue. Instead, when he starts to bite or scratch, use a stern voice & say "no!" & clap your hands loudly, then ignore him. If he's biting down on you, take him by the scruff of the neck, gently push him toward the floor, & say "no!". Hold him there for 3-4 seconds then ignore him. Sometimes they bite or scratch out of boredom,so provide him with a scratching post & toys that he can wrestle with & bite & encourage him to use those instead of you when he's playing aggressively. Use interactive toys to help him burn off excess energy. Some cats get overstimulated by being petted too long. Watch for signs that he's becoming agitated or aggressive like laid back ears or a swishing tail. When you see any signs of aggression, stop interacting with him. Praise & reward him when he's calm & gentle. Scold him with a firm voice when he's not. Be consistent. You can't let him get away with it one day & then scold him for the same thing the next. He'll get mixed signals & not know how he's supposed to act. AS far as not liking to be held...not all cats are alike. Some just aren't going to ever be snuggle bunnies. Sometimes it's just part of the personality they were born with. Other times they have baggage from previous abuse or neglect that makes them that way. Let the kitten come to you. I have a cat who hates to be held, runs away if I pick her up or set her in my lap, but if I just sit quietly, she'll come up & snuggle in beside me asking for pets. Just don't force your kitten to be something he's not. Let him make the moves & guide you to how much love & attention he can tolerate. He may eventually change as he feels more comfortable.

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