Q: Help my cat is almost 1 year old and wont stop biting

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My cat wont stop biting and blocking us from going somewhere and when ever we try to push him out of the way he like attacks us and gets mad and hes a very sweet cat but he wont stop help by the way he is a domestic short hair

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May 22, 2011

If he is not neutered, get that done immediately!

Get a clean spray bottle. Fill it with clean water and adjust the spray until it is a fairly strong steam of water. Then when he won't move, tell him to move, and if he does not, spray him with the water. If he tries to bite, spray him with the water, and/or swat the floor or wall next to him with a rolled up newspaper.

BTW, the cat appears to be under the impression that you are living in his house. How did he get the impression that he rules the house? Spoil him much as a tiny kitten? I suspect so. LOL, yeah, I know how cute they can be, but a biting, bossy cat is not fun, so work on controlling his behaviour and not him controlling yours.

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May 23, 2011

Agree with the other answer to a point. We do have to make some concessions in our home when we take on the responsibility of a pet. That includes decorating to suit the instinctual needs of your cat. If their needs aren't met, they get frustrated and act out in a variety of ways. Make sure your kitty has plenty of entertainment of his own. Cats need spots to climb where the feel safe and secure. Give him a window perch so he can watch the outside world in comfort. Make sure he has high up places and easy access to get to them. Provide him with his own world that's safe, secure and fun so he doesn't feel abandoned every time you go out the door.

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