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My german shepard 9months old is toooooooo strong for my 63yr body he has already chased a bunny & broken
my knee I need off leash training?? I love him but might not be able to keep him...help how do I teach him to walk without a leash we live on a very busy street to...in the house he is like Rin Tin Tin so well behaved he loves his food treats! Any help here?? Help help help Bev

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Jan 29, 2011

Well I would look up Victoria Stillwell she is a wonderful dog trainer. Also try clicker treat training a dog trainer can tell you what that is and having no leash is never an option with any dog use a head collar to keep better control of him when you are training him and walking him. If you really have no choice but to find him a new home do it through a rescue such as a shepard rescue or maybe you can get him a home so that he can become a k-9 unit hope this helps good luck!

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