Q: Help Convince Birmingham, Alabama's Mayor: Change is Needed at Animal Control!

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Help Convince Birmingham, Alabama's Mayor: Change is Needed at Animal Control!

Please sign this petition at: www.change.org/actions/view/help_convince_birmingham_alabamas_mayor_change_is_needed_at_animal_control

Birmingham's Mayor needs to be convinced, once and for all, that change is needed at animal control! He is the one with the power to release a Request for Proposals for a new animal control contract. He is the one with the power to ensure funding for animal control in the City of Birmingham.

Currently, the City of Birmingham shares the animal control contract with Jefferson County.

For twelve years the same, for profit, company has held the animal control contract. From the very beginning, concerns developed about the lack of welfare provided to impounded animals. In 2001 the level of concern became so great, the City of Birmingham charged The National Animal Control Association with evaluating the contractor's operation. The results of the evaluation were very troubling. But, the animal control contractor had powerful political allies; and so he kept the contract.

In September 2007 the animal control contract expired. A combination of governmental change and political allies enabled a month-to-month extended contract. In the last twenty-five months, the higher-priced month-to-month contract has cost the City of Birmingham approximately $150,000 above the base contract price.

During the years of 2007 and 2008, animal control impounded about 10,000 animals each year. The facility adopted around 300 animals in each of the corresponding years; for an adoption rate of 3%.

Area citizens were stunned, in recent years, to receive networked emails requesting dog and cat food donations to the well-funded animal control operation.

In January 2009, a severely injured dog was discovered at the animal control facility, apparently lacking medical care. Soon after the discovery was made public, the dog was euthanized.

The story of 'Phoenix' emerged in June of 2009. As part of a cruelty investigation, 'Phoenix' was impounded at animal control for eleven months. At the conclusion of the investigation, he was remanded to the care of a local humane society. There it was discovered he had lost twenty pounds during his impounding, and exhibited additional internal and external maladies. [see the embedded video]. 'Phoenix' died despite the best efforts of the humane society.

For twelve years there has been a protective veil shrouding animal control. YOUR voice is needed to split the veil! SIGN THE PETITION! SEND YOUR LETTER! CONVINCE THE MAYOR!

Be a part of the change so desperately needed: respect for life, fiscal responsibility and a return of the public trust.

(Please recruit others to sign this petition from the Change.org web site. It's safe and secure.)

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m s.

Nov 30, 2009

I will pay a visit and read the petition and if it betters the lives of animals, i will sign it.

Have you heard about Oreo's law? Please go to "thepetitionsite" and sign the Petition entitled DEMAND RESIGNATION OF ASPCA PRES ED SAYRE -- this law will prevent needless killing of animals in shelters -- you should look into it for your state -- they have such a law in California -- shelters cannot kill animals needlessly -- sanctuaries and private rescue groups can come in and have these animals transferred to their facilities and give them a second chance at a proper and happy life -- Organizations like the ASPCA think they can do anything they want -- if you think they place a priority on animals, as they should, we all need to think twice. SO PLEASE SIGN THIS VERY IMPORTANT PETITION. Also, google "Oreo's Law" and go everywhere you can to show support for this law. Thanks.

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L M.

Dec 05, 2009

If residents love animals and get together (and get advice from humane organizations and/or people who have been through this in various cities), there's no reason you can't effect big changes for your animals. Also consider joining: WWW.HUMANEVOTERS.ORG Maybe there's a chapter in your area, not sure.

Kudos for all you do, and for your compassion for animals. Much luck and success to you. :-)

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Denise L.

Dec 05, 2009

Both have been signed-thanks!

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