Q: Have some quick questions about my dachshund puppy!

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I recently got a mini female dachshund puppy and her name is Daisy last week, She is 12 weeks old. I do not know if she is teething or not, but she tend to nip at shoes, sometimes fingers, bears, and anything she can find. Is this nipping or teething? Also, I am training her to learn to go bathroom on the puppy weewee pads instead of outdoors so she will not get fleas that offen and in the winter she won't get as cold since shes so tiny. And she has been doing a good job exsept sometimes she tends to go number two on the rug. Is this because she thinks the rug is the weewee pad? She does great on number one on the weewee pad, she does when she has to but its just number two sometimes im curious? Is it the food thats making her go because she always goes number two i noticed. She eats eukanuba

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ayana n.

Dec 09, 2009

when she bites things that is teething. about daisy pooping on the rug put a weewee pad on it or here are special rugs made for that. try changing her food and see if her amount of poop changes.

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