Q: Has anyone used Pet Product Mall

November 24, 2009 | By Idaviruma | 2 answers | Expired: 2254 days ago


I ordered a battery charger for a collar and they sent me a notification saying that it will be shipped priority mail, its now been 2 weeks and I havent heard from them since, I emailed them 3 times and called multiple times and left voicemails, since nobody picks up.

Is it a scam?

Update: I finally got the item, with it came without an invoice and the box wasnt even padded.

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Kevin  H.

Nov 26, 2009

Yes, We at Pet Product Mall Make mistakes like anyone else. We do a brisk business and sometimes things get away. We do out best and repeat business from satisfied customers is something we strive for and we have a strong customer base. We agree that customer service had been lacking over the past 3 weeks but we have a new CSR now and things will be much better.

Thank you
Kevin Hullinger

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Nov 24, 2009

you should have an invoice in your email. did they every send you a follow up saying the product has been shipped? in either of these emails there may be a tracking number that you can check online or w/a phone call to their postal carrier. if they use ups, you won't need the number - just visit their website: www.ups.com/tracking/tracking.html

is this collar a shock collar? shock collars cause physical injuries such as neck burns if they're used regularly, and they also inflict psychological damage by using negative reinforcement {pain} to alter a dogs behavior {dogs are naturally inclined to roam unless taught not to}. when you have the right material to learn from, training a dog not to leave the yard is pretty easy. you can teach your dog recall by using a whistle and treats and taking your dog for their daily walk will discourage their need to wander.

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