Q: Has anyone tried an immune booster supplement with their horse. If so, do you think it helped?

March 12, 2008 | By Bribubspud | 1 answer | Expired: 2877 days ago

My 6 yo Paint gelding was diagnosed with moon-blindness and tested positive for leptospirosis. He started acting spooky, jittery, etc., which was a big change for him. Had the vet check his eyes and drew blood, and he is positive on both. He is doing okay so far. Vet said an immune booster could possibly help at least keep him stable. I will do whatever I possibly and humanely can to keep my horse comfortable and to keep his eyesight as long as possible.I realize there is no cure for moon-blindness. Any feedback on immune boosters is greatly appreciated. REcovery EQ is the product our vet said 3 of his clients use and they think it it has helped. The price is $200 (over-the-counter product) which is not inexpensive to me ! Thanks so much for any input good or bad!

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Serena E.

Mar 12, 2008

i have known friends whom used the immune booster's on there horses, and i could not notice a diffrence. you could probeltly could try some mix of herb's n tea's in your feed and try it that way. i always have mixed herb's n tea's in with my feed. do some research on the net, herbal remedies are out there for pet's.

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