Q: Has anyone seen my dog?

July 5, 2009 | By Colleen D. | 2 answers | Expired: 1956 days ago

Has anyone seen my dog?

Tico disappeared last night during the fireworks. He's a black and tan chi-chi with a maroon collar. He should be somewhere in the Merrywood area of Folsom. Please contact me if you've seen him! WE FOUND HIM! THANKS EVERYONE FOR YOUR SUGGESTIONS!

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Jul 08, 2009

Check the lost and found in the nickel ad's and in the daily news also dogs are usally scared of fireworks they don't like them keep dogs inside when letting them off and when other people are letting them off or keep them on a leash or a fenced yard and go outside with them. Fireworks are very dangours for dogs to get too close to just like young children I learned that the hard way when we lit a fire work off last year and my dog tried to grab it and take off with it. she was okay but now she has to have close supervision on the 4th of july when she is outside and she has to stay inside when we let off our own fireworks. Good luck I hope you find Tico soon. He looks like a mini Pinscher and is so adorable he doesnt belong on the street. also remember to check your local animal shelter to see if they have picked him up even if they say they havent be sure to go in and take a look anyway ask to see the dogs brought in recently that are not up for adoption and ask to see the dogs that are up for adoption. I've seen several people in my home town before find their dog at the shelter and it has already been put up for adoption because of misidentifecation or because the person looked there once already.

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Lisa B.

Jul 12, 2009

Try petfinder.com Put an add in the paper, put up posters and try the animal shelter but you have to move fast because the shelters put them to sleep very fast.

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