I love Halloween it's my favriote holiday cause it is the one time of year that you can dress up and be something that your not I also really love witches, black cats and crows. I am too old to go trick or treating and I have no children and I would love to take Skitters trick or treating but no one is gonna have any treats for animals they will just have candy for children. So I was wondering will you dress up your pets for halloween and take them trick or treating with you? I think I will be the only one with pet treats for the furry children who come to my door to trick or treat with their owners. So Who is gonna carry human candy and pet candy? Who will dress up their pets? and who will take their pets trick or treating with them this year?

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daryl b.

Oct 20, 2010

well birds don't dress well. so i settled for a bad flash pic of scoot and call him a ghost

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Tommy m.

Oct 18, 2010

yes i love to dress casper up cuse he is so cute, i don't know what he will go as this year but it will be cute. he dosen't like dressing up the best but he lets me buecse i give him extra treats for being "torchered"

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