Q: Hamster or Rat?

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I;m not sure which to get. I had a hamster named Ham and I loved her like a sister and when she got sick she died and I was very chushed! I think I should get a rat because they live longer, you can walk them, and the're great! How hard is it to train a rat to do tricks? Comments and advice are welcome!

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Jill R.

Aug 29, 2008

Hamsters and rats have short lifespans, but both can make great pets.
But, what about a guinea pig? They make wonderful pets too. Y

This video may talk you into it:


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Sep 01, 2008

I have had many small pets in my lifetime..gerbils,hamsters,guinea pigs,rabbits,chinchillas,hedgehogs and rats. I personally reccommend rats over hamsters. They are very social,enjoy being handled and interacting with their owners,can be trained, learn their names and are all around marvelous pets. There are a few things to consider ,however, rats need to be in with other rats. Of the same sex so that you don't have a population explosion. Keeping 2 is no more expensive than having one. Rats diet needs to be a tad more varied than a hamster's and frankly commercial diets that most pet stores sell for rats aren't very good for them. You are welcome to look at my rat pics on my page and ask me any questions you may have about rats. If I don't know the answer, I can find it out for you. Keep in mind that like hamsters,rats' lifespans are not very long. 2-3 years is average. Good luck on making your choice on a new rodent to love.

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Aug 28, 2008

I bet a ferret would be able to do tricks better than a rat. I had a rat once...he lasted a week at my home. He bit both my son and I very hard. He stunk and just was not friendly. Back he went to the store, cage and all. Some people may have had better luck, but I am now turned off all rat pets from that. Funny thing is, I was petting him, trying to make him feel safe and comfortable and when I was done and taking my hand out of the cage, he attacked me.Yow!

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