Q: gsd that has chewed off hair

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I have a 7 week old german shepherd dog that as a very young puppy recieved some sort of injury whether it was chewing or something else. The middle of her tail, about two inches is completely bald and the skin is darker than the rest, kind of a blackish/gray tint. She also has hair loss on both of her back feet. The fur on her feet seems to be growing back slowly but haven't noticed any progress on her tail. We've only had her about a week, just curious as to if its going to grow back. If anyone has any info please help. I know there are certain food allergies but im not sure what she could be allergic to. Her breeders threw all the puppies in a kennel with dirt floors and I've also heard gsd's could be allergic to prolonged exposure to dirt. She did have fleas but was treated before we bought her and is on advantage now. She still tries to chew at the exact spot on her tail and feet so im pretty sure it was cause by her chewing. Not sure if its just habit or if it is still irritating her. She also has a congenitive disease called a dermoid on her eye. So could it be congenitive? Is her fur on her tail going to grow back? She looks like a poodle.

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Oct 02, 2012

The original chewing sounds like it was due to a flea allergy, the base of the tail being a prime spot to gnaw til rawness in dogs. Continued chewing after the fleas have been treated could be from a yeast infection created from ongoing flea issues. Dog saliva has antibacterial properties that can destroy the healthy bacteria on their bodies. When this happens, the yeast will overgrow and create an itchy infection that keeps the dog going after that spot. Try feeding her probiotics in her meals or a tablespoon of plain yogurt WITH active or live cultures each day {read the label, not all yogurts have this added}. You can treat the spot topically with a tea tree oil dog shampoo. If this doesn't start to improve after a week or two, see a vet.

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Sep 27, 2012

I don't see a big deal in her looking like a poodle when you love some one such as a family member or a pet looks shouldn't matter, I don't know if it will grow back my best advice is to take her to the vet.

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