Q: Grooming Abby?

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Abby is my new best friend she is a cocker spaniel we just fostered her at first but fell in love with her and adopted her and I had a couple of qeustions, first Abby had a bad ear infection when we started fostering her it's gone now but she hates people messing with her ears being a spaniel her ears have to have the hair on them brushed and cut she seems to be okay with brushing as long as you don't hold on to her ears with your hands but if you do she goes crazy trying to get away what should I do? Also Abby has a skin fungus it is the same fungus that was in her ears the vet said nothing about it but is there a cream or something that might be able to help get rid of that fungus? last one is Abby gets along well with other dogs no matter what size age or gender they are but for some reason she met Cricket and did not like her she showed aggression towards Cricket which she does not do with other dogs she really likes pippa who is a female dog same size as Cricket is that can have the same personality as Cricket too and be mean to other dogs Why does Abby want to be mean to Cricket? And I need to try to correct this behavior although Cricket may never be nice to Abby this is unusaul for Abby even with a dog who doesn't like her they met on neutrul terrotory too, I want Abby to except my uncles dog Daisy which I am pretty sure she will but we want to include all three dogs in family stuff such as thanksgiving and christmas as well as easter and new years eve Cricket and Daisy tolorate each other but it took awhile I want Abby to be included we could never include Skitters cause she was so unpredectable but Abby will make friends if some one can help and tell me how to do the meeting with Abby and Cricket next Time?

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Sep 19, 2012

Abby's ears will need to be kept clean inside, too, and always keep the inside dry to avoid further infections. To get her to agree to ears being handled, start with just petting them as you stroke her entire head, praising her as you're touching her ears. Very gradually build up to lightly touching them and then holding them. For a brush, you may want to cup treats in one hand while you brush discreetly with your other. This will likely take a lot of getting use to on her end and small baby steps on yours, but you want her to learn that she's a good girl for letting you do anything with her ears.

Is the infection you're referring to a yeast infection? The body is covered with both yeast and bacteria, both keeping the other at bay. When one part of the PH balance is disturbed, there's an overgrowth of the other, or an overgrowth of one can deplete the other. Comprende'? So what you'll want to do is cut back on the overgrowth of yeast - doing this two ways works best. Use a tea tree oil shampoo {for dogs} and feed Abby something to encourage healthy bacteria growth. Longterm go with probiotics, which you can find online or at many pet supplies stores. Short term you're okay to use a tablespoon of yogurt with ACTIVE or LIVE CULTURES added a day. If the yogurt doesn't say anything about active or live cultures either on the tub itself or on the ingredients list, keep looking, not all have them.

From what you've said previously about Cricket, I'd think she's showing subtle signs of discontent that Abby's picking up on. They both sound to have their insecurities and for now are just not a good match. B/c Abby lives with you, it'll be easier for you to work with her. Get her trusting of having her ears handled {which may or may not happen before the holidays} and focus a lot of effort on training her and raising her confidence. Socialize her at every chance you get with a lot of praise for good behavior, removing her from the situation for bad, you know the drill here. If your grandma can work with Cricket, that'd be extremely helpful. But I wouldn't reintroduce them until you've made a lot of progress with both. Those bad introductions tend to mount and worsen the situation.

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