Q: Great Danes/Mastiffs

December 9, 2008 | By Paige B. | 5 answers | Expired: 2607 days ago

Paige B.

Hey all, I was just looking for some info on the Great Dane and Mastiff breeds because I love big dogs and I think they're beautiful and just wanted some info on their temperments because I might get one someday.

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Thad R.

Dec 09, 2008

Hands down the best dog you could ever own. Ours is a 230 pound Mastiff and is truly a gentle giant. They are large but have a heart of gold. I don't find ours aggressive in the least. The worst way he could hurt is by stepping on your toe!!!

They don't need alot of yard, just a good walk every day. They want to be where you are...right at your feet. That includes wanting to be in bed with you too!

They don't eat any more than any other dog. About 6 cups of dry dog food a day.

The only problem is that vet bills can be very expensive. Most medication and surgical procedures goes by how much the dog weighs, therefore, a 200+ pound dog is going to cost alot more than a standard sized dog.

The only other thing to consider is that they drool and shed. We are used to it. We just carry towels with us.

The benefits of a majestic, loyal dog far outweighs the drool and shedding. A mastiff is a real "traffic stopper". No matter where we go with him, people literally stop to ask about him. They really are the most incredible dogs.

Good luck!

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Mary G.

Dec 09, 2008

I had a black Great Dane (a rescue) for about eight years. He was a little "nutty" for the usually reserved Dane, but he was sweet and loving (if a little hyper) and was crazy about our three kids and took a lot of abuse from our cat who hated him intensely. If I was shopping for another dog I would definitely go to a Great Dane Rescue Group and get another one.

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Karen W.

Dec 09, 2008

I dated a guy that loved big dogs. He had a Mastif. That dog was the biggist babby you ever saw. I have a rat terrier and she played with him and he was gental.

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