Q: Good vets in the Fargo, ND area?

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I'm looking for a good vet in the Fargo area. I currently have a wonderful vet, but he is in Minneapolis (3 hours away). I am looking for a vet here like the one I have there. An excellent diagnostician and surgeon who charges fair prices.

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Debra B.

Oct 25, 2009

The majority of vets in Fargo only treat cats and dogs. Not knowing if you need a vet for an animal other than a cat or dog, I'll restrict my answer for vets that I think are excellent with cats and/or dogs. I only have cats, and I foster, so I have interacted with many vets in the Fargo area. You can also look under my reviews of several Fargo-Moorhead vet clinics.

Animal Health on Univ. Ave
Dr. Dill is reportedly an excellent diagnostician, especially with felines. I do not have direct experience with him, but have heard from many satisfied cat owners that highly respect him. Dr. Dill is the only Fargo vet that my vet will refer to for a second opinion. The other vet that I would recommend from this same clinic is Dr. Ness, and I had her treat one of my foster kitties who was very ill and could have died. She is very analytical and knows her internal medicine. She listens well and asks the right questions to get as much info as possible to formulate a treatment plan.
The downside is that this clinic is a bit on the pricey side, but they do have evening hours one day a week and are open on Saturday, although with a group practice you might not get to see your vet of choice.

Diamond Q Animal Hospital
This is the vet clinic that I use. Beautiful and modern building with a young, well trained vet who got his DVM from Iowa State. Dr. Quennete is very knowledgeable but is more of a dog person than a cat person. His rates are reasonable for the area. HIs clinic has evening hours twice a week. He started out as a solo practitioner, but has had other vets work 2 days a week for him, both of whom that I like and feel are very competent.

Airport Vet and F-M Animal Hospital
Both clinics are owned by the same group of vets. One is located in North Fargo and one is in South Moorhead. Vets are shared between the 2 clinics, so that certain days of the week one vet is working at the Airport Clinic and then later in the week works at F-M. I have taken my fosters to F-M. These clinics hired two young vets recently that I like, so if you choose either one of these clinics I would recommend Dr. Bro or Dr. Schlader. Since I don't see the invoices for my foster cats' visits, I'm not too sure about their rates. Again, with a group practice you might not get to see your vet of choice unless you travel to the other site.

There is one vet who makes housecalls for routine procedures like wellness visits and vaccinations. Her business is called Moose Calls, and she used to work for Southgate Veterinary Clinic. She has an unusual name with difficult spelling that I can't remember right now. When she left Southgate, she referred all her patients to Dr. Dill at Animal Health if they wanted comparable care and expertise.

You can always visit the clinic during business hours to get a feel for the place, get a sense on how the staff interacts with clients, and ask about pricing for a wellness visit, vaccines, certain lab work, what lab work is done in-house and what is sent out. You may not be able to visit with the vet personally, but I think this is ideal to see if you and he/she are a good fit and can work together.

There are some good vets in the Detroit Lakes area about 40 miles away. I have heard good things about Dr. Lang. Some people from Fargo have traveled to Casselton to have their animals treated there as they used to be cheaper than Fargo area vets, but I don't think that holds true anymore.

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