Q: German Shepherd/Yellow Lab Mix

September 6, 2009 | By Amy N. | 2 answers | Expired: 2332 days ago

Amy N.

I just adopted a German Shepherd/Yellow Lab mix. He is about 9 months old and 38lbs currently. I was wondering if anyone else has this mix of dog and could tell me about how big their adult dog is? How much he/she weighs, how tall, etc?

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Sep 07, 2009

I have a yellow lab mix I got from the shelter when he was 6 months old and 35 pounds. He is now 61/2 years old and weighs 88 pounds! Anything mixed with lab is going to be large. Congrats on your new baby.

btw, you might not want to let him learn to get up in your lap, lol

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Sep 06, 2009

My Black Lab is 90 lbs., I don't think you'll have a med size dog

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