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July 30, 2009 | By Theresa L. | 8 answers | Expired: 1925 days ago

Theresa L.

So most of you know the problems that I had with Mr. B. and Parvo (he has permanent stomach and intestinal damage). He's doing alot better, he's been, for the last month on Wellness Puppy and a mixture of Wellness canned to entice him:)....
My dilemma: he has now decided he will NOT eat the Wellness! He snubs his nose up at it, no matter what can of wellness I put in the dry, he won't eat any of it! Ugh!!
My other dilemma: He wants my vallie's Beneful! She loves the cheap crap and won't eat anything but Beneful....
So my question, according the dog food analysis website, Beneful is a 1 out of 6 stars.... ugh.... How do you feel about Beneful if you use it, and what would you suggest I do... supper's coming quickly :)

EDIT: Well, he ate, finally, at supper. And you're right, empty stomach syndrome is a problem with dogs. I have to make sure he has something at 8:00 pm or he has an awful time eating the next morning.
Looks like he was sick of chicken, I've made so much of it homemade with his parvo, that he wouldn't eat it. I mixed Wellness with Premier Edge a 4 star food, added in Nupro, a vitamin supplement that tastes like beef and added a little canned wellness beef flavored (instead of chicken) and he ate it, slowly, but he ate it. This morning, his appetite is much better, and Vallie is being switched to the wellness today also! She's easy to switch, she never gets stomach upset or anything! Thanks for the advice!

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Aug 04, 2009

Hi there,

I would love to send you a bag of the all natural dog food I sell as an independent distributor. It's all natural, no corn, wheat, gluten, no byproducts, no harmful chemicals. Only the best ingredients! Its made by a world renowned holistic vet, Dr. Jane Bicks. It's absolutely the best out there because Dr. Jane has your pets best health and nutrition in mind. I know this because I get to speak to her every other week! Do you think you or I could call any of the commercially made pet foods and ask for their formulating vet?

If you'd like to try it email me at amlynn_2000@yahoo.com or check out my website www.passion4pethealth.com

All the best to you and your doggie!

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Mary C.

Jul 30, 2009

According to the Whole Dog Journal Beneful is considered the Twinkee's of dog food. Dogs have a sweet tooth and Beneful contains sugar, as well as other nasty ingredients and chemicals therefore increasing the risk of your dog getting skin and coat allergies, yeast infections, diabities, cancer and other problems. Try to entice both of your dogs with a more healthy alternative. Chicken stock, liverworst, a little canned baby food, canned pumpkin, homemade gravy, or a little yogurt are just some tasty treats you can add to your dry food. Maybe you can get your Beneful dog on Wellness too!

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Jul 30, 2009

Well, you could try another holistic food, I use Verus, and Merrick is pretty good, this will be hard, but when Mr. B doesn't eat take the food way, by the end of the day try again, don't let him get near your other dog's food, I wouldn't do it for more than just 1 day because he could get "empty stomach syndrome" I don't know if that a medical term but we use it for the greyhounds, they can be very finicky in the beginning & this sometimes works, but if done for more than 2 days they get a stomach upset & can't eat, then you almost have to force feed them, and talk to the Vet about the bentiful he may just say give him whatever he'll eat, you don't need him run down getting over Parvo maybe the Vet has a supplement. it's a pain but maybe if you put some boiled, skinless chicken & put it in the Wellness that will help, no bones of course, one of my greys is 17+ and I've had to do this for her since we got her at 3 1/2, just for breakfast, I cook some & then nuke it to room temp. they are worse than little kids, but we love them.

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