Q: Furry Babies, Inc???

December 24, 2009 | By Vicki | 8 answers | Expired: 1813 days ago


We have a "Furry Babies, Inc" in our area & are rallying against them. Most people believe they are purchasing from puppymills. I now believe so as well. We shut down their facebook page & are trying to do the same same with another one that's nearby. If you have a Furry Babies, Inc in your area...would you check into it? They say the puppies are hand selected & are ACA inspected. If that is true...(some say that ACA isn't a true inspection like USDA is) then they are hiding something. Will you do yourselves & the puppies a favor and check into this? We have a group who are wearing T-shirts surrounding the shop, on occasion. (The T-shirts read: ADOPT DON"T SHOP! ) We have told, what we suspect, on their facebook page and that is why they deleted their facebook page.

You are so right Jessica. If we ALL do SOMETHING...we should be able to conquer!!!

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Jessica P.

Dec 27, 2009

ALL pet stores get their puppies/kittens from "commercial breeders" (AKA puppymills) kitten sometimes come from local area barn cats or stray cats. I always find it amusing that pet stores will have a "pure bred AKC registered Black lab" for sale, a "purebred AKC registered rottweiler" and a "rotti-lab mix" for sale at the same time, with very close birthdates...why don't people see that these dogs are most likely all from the same litter, but at a puppy mill it is what you come out looking most like that you become! There needs to be laws against commerical breeders and selling puppies and kittens in pet stores! Adoption is best or go to a "home breeder" some one who has less then 4 adult dogs.

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Dec 24, 2009

i've never heard of them, though several years ago, a Petland opened in our area. there were quite a few articles in newspapers about them when they first opened. interestingly, in those articles, the guy who runs the store says that the puppies don't come from puppy mills, but rather from the Hunte Corporation. i found it interesting that he would so openly admit that they came from the Hunte Corporation when anyone at all who gets curious and checks online will figure out in about 30 seconds that Hunte is actually the world's largest "puppy broker"...a middle man in the puppy mill business. so basically...i'd say to keep an ear out for anything to that effect that could so easily be used against them.

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daryl b.

Dec 25, 2009

as i have never heard of either ofthesei will certently chech them out. since you have researched eigh i guess you must be right. that is a shame i will spread the word

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