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I have been volunteering at the animal shelter in the town of my college. I go as often as I can and help walk dogs, clean their cages, and play with the cats. I love going to help, but I wish I could do more. Since I am only a college student, I don’t have much more then time to give. I would love to fundraise for either money or supplies. I got a wish list from the shelter, but I don’t know where to begin. Please any help with be greatly appreciated!

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Apr 23, 2009

First of all, I want to tell you that I admire your desire to help. What you currently do is not minor. Your time is worth more than money. Every minute you spend with an animal enriches its life. Every time you clean their cage or run, it enriches their environment.
I believe that there may even be books out there on how to do fundraising. Do some internet searches. Start out with something easy, like a yard sale. If you can get your fellow students, friends, neighbors, and family members to donate items and maybe even their time, it can become very successful. You can make it bigger and include a bakesale and/or BBQ. You can organize craft parties where you supply the materials and get your friends to help you craft items that can be sold in a craft or yard sale. Maybe you could get the Craft store to donate some of the items. You could combine all these ideas into one big adoption day at the shelter, or a "bark in the park" day. We invited a Photographer who was willing to donate some of his proceeds. A Groomer could do the same. Or simply have a dog-wash. Simply go out to stores and ask for donations (money or items). If you come at the right time you may get really lucky. Some larger organizations have a donation budget, some may be willing to donate damaged goods that could be sold, or used at the shelter. Some stores will let you do a car wash or other fundraiser at their facility and match the funds raised. Take the wishlist with you. I have never had a bad result with a doughnut fundraiser, just selling them on the side of the road or at some other event. Another fundraiser I read about, a little girl got all her friends and family to donate new/used stuffed animals. Her local Petstore allowed her to have an "adoption day" for these stuffed animals at their facility. She asked for a small adoption donation and even printed out really good looking adoption certificates to go with the adopted stuffed animal. The customers just loved the whole thing and often gave more than the adoption fee.
I wish you lots of luck, and again, thanks for being dedicated to this cause

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Apr 22, 2009

it probably won't make a ton of $$$ for the shelter, but there's this great web site called Good Search:


if your shelter isn't already signed up, it should be pretty easy to get them with the program. basically, you do a web search on Good Search just like any other search engine, except that for each search, $0.01 is donated to the organization of your choice. not much, but it's a start.

you can also do online shopping through Good Shop (click the Shopping function on Good Search)...if the online retailer is participating with Good Shop, a portion of what you spend goes to your charity.

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Horse B.

Apr 22, 2009

I belong to a lot of riding clubs that do a 50/50 drawing for fundraising. We usually charge $1.00 per ticket. The winner gets half of the jackpot and your animal shelter would get the other half. Get a flyer from your shelter to show what your raising money for. I'll bet a lot of the students at your college would participate if it's allowed.

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