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Jennifer B.

Help! My friend has found a pit bull puppy. Our local animal control has a zero tolerence for pit bulls. You know what that means. I myself have 7 animals in my house and she has 4 along with kittens under her house. Does anybody know of any pit bull rescues in Florida?

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Mar 07, 2011

These may not be pit bull specific, but they do rescue them:
Adorable Options in Hawthorne
Mike's Dog House in Palatka
Pet Rescue North, Inc in Jacksonville
Puppy Hill Farm in Melrose
Coco's Rescue in Lehigh Acres
Pit Bull Happenings in Port Richey
Paws for Awareness in West Palm Beach

I can't tell you anything about them personally...they're just on my rescue list. They should all have websites where you can find out about them & get contact info. There are many more rescues that take pit bulls. Ask local rescuers & groups if they know of any in the area. Be sure to ask if they're no-kill & ask about their screening policies for adoption when you contact them.

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Mar 10, 2011

Where in Florida?
Here's a list of Pit rescues in FL, pitbull.rescueshelter.com/Florida
South Florida flarescue.tripod.com/flrescue.html
Good luck!

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