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If you have read my most recent blogs I have started fostering dogs my excperince with Taco was not a good one cause he got a cold within the first week and had to go back to be treated for it so I may get him back or I might end up with a new foster I will know when I go on saturday also I think he missed the other dogs I think he will be a much happier dog if he has another dog to play with but my qeustion is how do I make the next excperince with a foster dog better than the last he met Cricket and Daisy and Shorty too but none of them were sick and all of them have their vaccines up to date. Please let me know what you think? Also if you know of a good name for a red female doxie please let me know if Taco doesn't come back she will be my next foster I was thinking Mickey, Minnie, Gwin, Gidget or Penny what do you think?

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Jun 30, 2012

It sounds like the main problem you had with your last foster was that he got sick. Lots of rescues coming out of a shelter situation end up with kennel cough or other illnesses because shelters breed illness due to the close quarters. I'm not sure I understand why getting sick made Taco a bad foster. It wasn't his fault and because he was sick, he needed someone more than ever, not someone who holds his getting sick against him. Fosters and rescues get sick - fact of life. Most of us just give them the love and attention they need, incl. medical treatment. It's next to impossible to get a "perfect" foster pet because they've been dumped, abandoned, mistreated, neglected, or any number of other things. They come with baggage - physical, emotional baggage. As a fosterer you have to be knowledgeable in dealing with whatever baggage they come with. My advice is take whoever needs a foster and love them regardless of health or other issues. If you can't handle that, maybe you should reconsider being a foster for rescue animals.

As far as names, it's always best to get to know their personality and give them a name that fits that personality. They don't have to be named before they walk thru the door. It doesn't make sense to name a pet something that was pulled out of thin air without any regard to the pet and its characteristics. Spend a few days with them, get to know them, and name them accordingly.

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