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I have a friend at the barn I ride at who wants to foster a horse. She's new to fostering and wants to know how much it would cost. The biggest question is, does the shelter pay for the feed or would she be responsible for this? Also she has raised many horses but isn't sure whether she should get an untrained horse or a trained horse, which would be a better choice? My friend has been riding all her life and is very experienced with difficult horses.

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Aug 29, 2009

Your friend will have to ask the shelter what they are willing to contribute. I have been involved with horse rescues and we had to cover almost all the costs. We paid for food, farrier visits, teeth floating, ect. They did help with vet costs when vaccines were due. Hopefully, the horse will be kept where there are other equines. They are herd animals and don't do well when they are alone. It is very easy to get hurt when handling horses, so I would suggest a well-trained horse for your friend. If your friend has lots of experience with young, green horses and has lots of time everyday to spend training...then an untrained horse could work as well.

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Aug 28, 2009

You would have to ask, I don't think they pick up the entire bill, does you friend know how much time has to be devoted to a horse, and how careful you have to be, food perfect, shoes checked, Vet check, shoes rotated, teeth checked, you really have to now what your doing, they are delicate for as big as they are & a horse does not do well alone, they are herd animals, another horse or pony, a donkey, and also, a goat, my horse had her best buddy was a goat that had to be with er in the Van on our way to the shows

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