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October 15, 2012 | By Ches21 | 1 answer | Expired: 791 days ago


I don't mind holding Abby's food bowl still for her so it doesn't slide around the kitchen but when I am away and somebody else has to feed her they are not always willing to hold it still I was wondering I have seen place mats and food stands and with what I have been looking at they both cost about the same so I was wondering does anyone know from experince what works better for keeping the bowl from sliding around the kitchen?

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Oct 15, 2012

They make weighted stainless steel bowls with nonslip bottoms too. It just depends on what you want and need. Smaller dogs don't need much of a stand where larger dogs require a rather tall one. Some dogs have a habit of tipping their bowls over so weighted ones or stands are better. If they don't have that problem rubbery placemats will suffice. It's up to you.

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