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Alright a lot of people criticized my brand of choice when I was selecting my puppy, breeder, and food, well finally my breeder has realized that grain is not the right choice.
I had planned on switching from Royal Canin when he switched to adult food, but seeing my breeder switched I decided that I would find an alternate food.

I have now selected a grain free food: Now!
has anyone heard of it, what do you think.
Its main ingredients include De-boned turkey, De-boned duck, De-boned salmon, potatoe and some other vegetables (I know the importance of order of ingredients list, just note this is not the order they appear on the label.)

I'm interested to hear what everyone thinks.

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Jan 12, 2010

The ingredients sound good. What is the name of the brand?

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Jan 12, 2010

Its definitely an improvement, but what concerns me is that even though the 1st ingridient is turkey, since its not followed by a named meat meal (turkey meal), it means the main ingridient is potato flour because the ingridients are listed based on their weight, but before everything is baked, and since meat is 75% water, it truly cannot be first ingridient.

Anyways, if you see a meat source being listed, it should be followed by a named meat meal, for example: Turkey, turkey meal, potatoes, etc.

What about Acana provincial? its has good protein levels and definitely more meat.

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Jan 13, 2010

as far as vitamins and minerals, i would give this brand a thumbs up. the only concern is that following the first ingredient {de-boned turkey} is potato flour and i wouldn't know how to find out if they weighed these ingredients before or after they were baked {most weigh before}. what i would do if you want to stick to this food, b/c overall it is good, is add more meat to it. like 2/3 kibble and 1/3 chicken or turkey or beef or lamb - change what meat you use every other month or so. for my dogs, i cook once a week or every other week and freeze what they won't eat in 3-4 days. i use containers just big enough to fit 3-4 days of food in so whenever one container empties, i pull another out of the freezer and that way nothing spoils. the only thing your dog's food is missing is meat proteins, and that's so easily remedied. if you decide to add meat, just be sure to cut it really finely so he can't chow down the meat and ignore the kibble.

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