Q: Food for weight loss and urinary tract health

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Can anyone recommend a premium quality grain free cat food for weight loss and urinary tract health?Magic weighs 17 pounds and has a UTI which I heard is often times reoccuring and due to diet.

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Feb 19, 2011

Ask your vet about adding drops of vinegar to his drinking water. My vet recommended that for guinea pigs that have sludge in their urine but I don't know if it's okay for dogs. You can even buy ph test strips to test his urine to see if it's what's considered normal for a dog.

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Mary C.

Feb 20, 2011

Usually any good high protein food will help with weight loss, think Atkins, the more protein in the food (meat protein) the less carbs there can be therefore helping with weight loss, if fed for weight loss. The amount to feed you will have to figure out based on how much weight your cat needs to lose. To find out the carbs in a food you start with 100 and subtract the amount of protein, fat, moisture and ash (usually ash is not listed but it is between 8 and 10%) the remaining from 100 is the carbs that are in the food. Usually when you have a dog or cat with urinary issues switching to a canned food is recommended because it has a higher moisture content, this especially is good for cats because they don't drink a lot of water.

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