Q: Food Coloring for pet poop analysis

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m s.

I will be going to the Vet soon -- I will be bringing my cat's poop for analysis -- my issue is that i have more than one cat. How can I differentiate between poops? I heard there might be a safe way by adding food coloring to the food. Is there any way that I can safely bring the correct poop to my vet? Please help.

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May 20, 2010

I work at a zoo and we submit fecal samples on our animals quarterly just to check for parasites. We frequently give our animals in groups food coloring in their diet in order to get individual samples. Green and blue work the best. You need to give it to them for a few days before you usually see results (i.e colored poo). A small amount works, we usually put it in dropper and give out about 5 drops. Hope this helps!

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May 11, 2010

i had never heard that, therefore i only bring poop if the cats been confined to a room w/their own litter box. otherwise we just do a fecal, which is good enough, but never as telling as the actual stool sample.
i think food coloring is a great idea. it's harmless and unlikely to tamper w/results, just don't over do it! i'd think a few drops would be enough. st patties day may or may not have given me some experience w/it, a little goes a very long way!
or you can feed kitty and pop him or her in a room for a few hours. whichever you think your cat would prefer.

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Stephanie  C.

May 12, 2010

I haven't heard of that either. It is a good idea though. I'm curious to know how it works out for you.
I would suggest waiting until you can catch them in the litter box, then immediately remove the sample to a baggie and label it. That's what I'd do.

Good luck!

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