Q: Flea Meds?

October 17, 2012 | By Ches21 | 1 answer | Expired: 756 days ago


Abby had a bath and her flea meds but shorty has had his flea meds and is still acting sick he had his at the begining of the month and Abby just had hers I don't want to give him another dose this soon but should I just to be on the safe side?

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Oct 17, 2012

I don't know what brand of flea medication you use, but Advantage and Frontline both suggest applying them no more than once a month. Too much flea medication can cause toxicity so before you do anything, call and ask your vet. These products use neurotoxins to kill the fleas and even though they serve a purpose, they aren't totally safe for pets. The better solution is to eliminate the fleas from their environment with an organic product so you don't have to apply poison to your pets. You can't have flea allergies if you aren't exposed to fleas.

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