Q: Few question for Pit Bull Owners

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Debbie K.

I have a few questions for those current pit bull owners.

I have fell in love with the Pit Bull breed a few years ago, despite the bad rep they seem to be getting in my area.
My fiance also loves the breed, and we were thinking about sometime in the future adopting two pits, one male and one female. I have done research (my friends and family jokingly call me the walking pit bull encyclopedia) but many of the website strongly advise against having multiple pit bulls in one household.

Now I wanted to ask you owners who have more than one pit, or even if you have just one, how does your dog react around the others? Should I heed the warning and only adopt one, or is their some advice you can give me? I know to have them crate trained and to always watch them in case any dog-aggressive behavior pops up.
And I know they are gentle around children when both are taught how to handle the other correctly, so for future reference (since we aren't planning on even thinking about having children for another couple of years), how should I introduce the dogs and babies to each other.

Thank you to anyone who may answer these questions, and feel free to add any other advice you might think I would need.

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Marta J.

Jul 19, 2008

Yes I have some knowledge since Iv'e rescued Pits before they were the "in" thing.And work in animal business. I got my
first one in 1982. She was an awesome dog and been hooked ever since. Iv'e always had at least two dogs. I already had a Brittany when I got my first Pit name Roxanne. Anyway the Brittany was the top dog believe it or not. She ruled over the Pit and I ruled over both. That is the number one rule with pits or any dog. You MUST be a strong no nonsense leader. I tolerate NO aggression no matter what the reason. There are NO excuses EVER. If any dog shows the least sign of aggression, down they go on their side or back ASAP, and are held there until they surrender to me. Only after that are they allowed up. I've done that in a crowd of people when one of my puppies would react in a way I did'nt like when they would see a cat, squirrel or anything. Now they just look and that's it. It's very important to socialize them from the minute you get them, but make sure they have their shots first. As far as multiple dogs, that's fine. The aggresion thing is for at home too. I've never had a fight in all these years. I now have 3 Pits. Two one year old sisters and my 12 year old Ammo. Ammo is the mediator in the group. When we get toghether with other dogs if a fight happens she breaks it up without hurting anyone. We get toghether in our country place and sometims have more dogs than people.
Believe it or not the fights are never the pits but other dogs. My son also has a Pit so sometimes if I'm dog sitting I have 4 of them. Training is the key as with any dog. I can walk 4 or 5 dogs by myself and do fine. We have met many loose dogs on our walk who run at us barking and snarling and I just stay calm and have my dogs sit and stay when this happens and the other dog will stop and look at us and turn and walk away knowing we are no threat. My friend often bring their dogs to my house to play with mime. It's great.
If you want two dogs get them as young puppies like 8 to nine weeks. If you study litters you'll see them snarling and barking. They are trying to find their place in the pack. That's normal. They try the same all the time. That's why it's important for you to be the leader. Make sure they are spayed or neutered. I prefer females myself. I think they tend to be less aggressive. That's why they are not fought. If you've ever watched The Dog Whisperer you've seen Daddy the Pitbull and his new addition Junior a blue Pit being trained to take Daddys place someday. If you haven't watched the show please do. You might want to read his book Ceasars Way or the one he had on dog packs. If you understand dogs and the way they think it helps SO much in raising them. Even after everthing I thought I knew, I learned so much more. Good luck to you and hope you find two awesome Pits. I got mine at our local city shelter that is overun with Pits. Ammo was born there and my two new ones Cammy and Nitro were 6 weeks old. I got Bullet there too, but she's gone now ( still miss her)Roxanne was abandoned at the vets I worked at and headed for the shelter when I got her. If you ever neee help I'll be glad to try and help.PS About the kid part. Dog experts say some dogs don't view children as they do adult humans. Some even few them as prey. That's why they chase them. Herding dogs will nip at them and try to herd them. Pits may see a couple of kids screaming and wrestling or chasing each other and to them they think "Fight" and want to join in, just doing what comes natural. You need to teach any dog to view a child as a pack leader also and to give that child his own space. My dogs learn that when I claim something or someone wether it be a child or another animal it's MINE and they have to respect it. There was a Dog Whisperer episode on bring home a new baby and how to deal with it. Maybe you can find it on someday. A well socialized dog can handle anything. Don't forget about going to dog classes too.

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Jul 19, 2008

You might want to send a message to Marta j (2pitpuppies) she seems to have a lot of knowledge on the breed. To find her profile you can put 2pitpuppies in the search box and it will pull her up.

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betty p.

Jul 19, 2008

I thin Marja covered most of it. I have two pit bulls that I have had since they were 7 weeks old. I rescued the whole litter of 6 and kept 2. At that time, I had 3 other dogs. A 11 yr old Border collie/husky mix Freya who was queen of the house after Momma Queen who is me. Then I had Hrothgar who was 5 yrs, a dominate male choc. lab, and Harlem a 2 year old Rott/aussi mix.

I was not going to keep any pups when I rescued them. They lived in my huge barn from Aug and I had found all homes but Alarm and Differ. It was middle of Dec. and I moved them in when first snow came as the barn had no heat. They stayed. Even though they were in the barn and the rest were in the house (before they got moved to the house), they knew the pack order as Harlem was the only one of my dogs who went to the barn with me. So they learned to be under Harlem. Once in the house, they quickly learned Momma was boss, then Freya and then Hrothgar.

Freya passed away a year later, making Hrothgar top dog and Harlem second. When Harlem pasted away last year, Alarm became second dog. When I just brought Aegir a 3 year old Choc lab home, Alarm was not happy at all. Hrothgar let Aegir know, that we play when I say and not before which meant 3 days of growling from Hrothgar and no play, that happened with Harlem and then best buds. Same with Aegir. However, Alarm kept setting up Aegir to wipe on him. By this, I mean Alarm would walk in front of Aegir and just stop for no reason. Aegir would bump Alarm and then Alarm would turn to attack like it was a challenge. I would yell and punish Alarm because I saw the whole thing. And by punish, I use a bad rug. This happened maybe 3 times. The only other problem was if Aegir and Hrothgar was playing and Hrothgar does a play growl, Alarm would come running to protect Hrothgar. It took about 2 or 3 weeks and now Alarm and Aegir are fine and play.

Differ will allow Aegir to groom her but they don't play, but that is just Differ. She never played with Harlem really. And only plays with Alarm and sometimes Hrothgar.

The main thing like Marja said was you have to be top dog and not take no crap. Don't be mean, but be in charge. You can not be a wimp with bullies.

As for gender, I have 3 male dogs and 1 female. I personally love the male dogs. But then again, I base it on their personality and if I think they will fit into my pack easily. I do know several rescues for bullies and they want opposite gender in the house, so there is one male and one female. I think it depends on the dogs and on you.

Also, my dogs know if I bring another dog in, they do have to tolerate it. With Aegir they did this for the first two days, and then they figured we need to let him know his place. They love my friend's dog who comes over once a week. But they also know he is not staying.

I don't know about kids as I don't have any. However, I can tell you that my friends have a 1 year old daughter and Alarm is in love with her. That girl can do anything to him and he does not care as long as she is with him.

Good luck in picking out your next furkids.

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