Q: Fennec fox: Legal in Georgia?

February 22, 2010 | By Avaelit | 1 answer | Expired: 2166 days ago

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I just moved to Georgia with my fiancé, and I'm wondering whether or not fennec foxes are allowed as pets. I know that animals that are considered dangerous are not allowed, but I'm not sure if the state would include fennecs in that stereotype. I heard from a friend that they are allowed, but only with a proper license. I'm not sure whether or not this is true, but if it is, how would I go about getting a license and approximately how much would it cost me?

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Feb 22, 2010

i don't know anything about the proper licensing or georgia law about exotics, but i have toyed w/the idea of getting a fennec. in the end i decided they weren't for me. though i don't know how much research you've done, i really wouldn't advise anyone getting one. they are tame and can be very endearing, but like most wild animals, they're not meant to live in a home. if you do get one, be sure to have a fenced in yard - a very high fence that also goes several feet underground. this is b/c the fennec fox is a digger and a natural escape artist. once they get out, you're unlikely to ever get them back. also, b/c they like to dig and burrow, plan on your floors getting torn up. they will attempt to dig through anything and often end up destroying your home in the process. this is typical for this fox, but i'm sure some are less destructive. they are cute as heck though!

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