Q: Female cat and UTI's

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My cat, Luna, has a history of UTI's. Her vet had put her on the Purina Veterinary Diet for the problem and it has been fine although I did notice an increase in her vomiting up hairballs after being on that diet. The diet made her drink a lot and urinate quite a bit. Problem was, the smallest bag was $30 and right now, I really can't swing that. I have her on Wellness Super 5 Mix Indoor which is also supposed to be good for a cat's urinary tract system. I was hoping she would be ok on it. Problem is, since the switch (which was very gradual), she only urinates maybe once a day and it isn't nearly as much as before and there have been times when she has not urinated for over a 24 hour period. I've checked to make sure she isn't going elsewhere and I haven't found anything. I am considering changing her litter box wondering if a different box would be to her liking? She currently uses the kind that has the hole in the top lid and it looks kind of like a Rubbermaid container? We've used it for quite awhile but maybe an open style would be better? Or maybe it is the litter? But I can't imagine her going so long between potty breaks is a good thing. I worry about crystals re-forming. I have wanted to get her to eat canned food for the water content but she just won't touch it. Tried almost every brand on the market. Fails every time.

Luna is 5 years old btw. I am trying to decide if I should try and get the money for the vet diet, keep her on the Wellness and make litter box changes... any thoughts or suggestions? Money is an issue but I certainly want to make sure she's healthy. TIA!

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Jan 27, 2011

I have a couple of cats that were prone to UTIs & even bladder stones. They started out on prescription food, but stopped eating it after a time. My vet told me to just look for a food that had low to no magnesium since that is the culprit in diet-related UTIs. I was writing pet food companies & doing research every day. Now my cats eat Chicken Soup Senior Hairball Formula. Only the Senior type has no magnesium. They're not seniors but they do amazingly well on it. They haven't had any problems in about 3 years now. I also add a little water to their canned food & make sure they always have lots of fresh water. I got one of those fountains to encourage them to drink & to keep the water fresher. You might also consider giving her bottled water instead on tap water. Tap water has a lot of minerals including magnesium. This is what worked for us because magnesium was the main problem & this food doesn't contain any. I hope you can find something that works for you. I suggest looking on some of the websites dedicated to feline UTIs & kidney disease & see what people are saying. There's always good discussion boards out there. Good luck!

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