Q: fattening up a skinny kitten

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the short version of the story: our neighbor's daughter brought a kitten home without permission & for the past week the adults had basically been ignoring / trying to get rid of it and the daughter had been "caring for" it. the adults really wanted it gone, so we are now fostering the kitten until he is big enough to be fixed and adopted out. sadly, this little fellow has mostly been fed rice with a little bit for shrimp for at least the past week. he's quite skinny, and though he seems to be feeling much better now that he is recieving proper care and food...well, i'd really like to be able to give him something besides plain ole kitten food to help him make up some of that weight he should have been gaining as he grew. i snagged a high calorie supplement at PetSmart, we've been giving him nice fatty ground beef, and someone else suggested mixing some kitten formula in with moist food for him. anyone else have any other suggestions?

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May 07, 2009

depending on the age i have make a formula of whole milk, the yolk of an egg and baby rice cereal bt Gerber, but this is for much younger babies, it works great, i have fostered over 20 babies and even sick adult cats

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May 07, 2009

Depends how old the kitten is....I would stick to the kitten milk replacement formulas and canned kitten food. Depending on his age, you can make a gruel like someone already suggested of kitten milk replacement mixed with kitten canned food. Warm it up to room temperature or slightly warmer and keep the kitten warm while he is eating. You can also purchase a probiotic supplement called Fortiflora that a vet tech friend recently recommended to me, that will restore his normal intestinal flora and improve his intestinal health. Make sure he always has fresh water available also.

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May 08, 2009

Take him to the vet. There is a 99.999% chance he has worms. Almost all kittens have them, and once those are treated he should fatten up naturally.

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