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My female mouse is looking VERY pregnant. She looks as if shes swallowed a golf ball. The male has already been put outta the picture and fed to Hanley(my snake) I was wonder what I should exactly do when she does have her babies, and what to do if im not home... Im guessing i have a few more days to prepare so..any help? Ps. I have been feeding her dog biscuts and eggs and fatty rfoods to help her. any idea on how many pups she may be having? Thanks :]

*update to all the ignorant people who decided to critize me*
ok. First off, i bred them on purpose. I have 7 cages in all and now have 3 litters. 2, i am only feeding a few to the snake, i am keeping a few to breed again and the rest, we have a small local pet store whom is buying them and we have a few other homes set up. i know what i am doing. and the whole inconsiderate person thing, most people eat meat. like cow,pig,turkey alot. and how is that any different? snakes are living things and they need to eat. so its in humane to feed a snake a mouse the way nature intened, but its ok to kill pigs while by smashing them on the ground or boiling them still alive? or slitting cows throats or hitting them in the neck with a spike? just so we humans can have meat? i think its fine for a snake to constrict its live food for means of eating and staying alive.

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Apr 17, 2011

First thing is that I could never have fed the male mouse to my snake you could have just put him in a diffrent cage. Also it is healthier and better if you feed the snake some frozen snake food or some snake chow that you can find at most pet stores that way another animal does not have to loose it's life. A female mouse can have up to at least 20 babies at once and I had hamsters that had babies I would get a book on it. But when cleaning the cage you have to be really carful if not and the mother smells your scent on her babies she may decide to eat them. Also make sure you have a spare cage so that when they are weaned you can seperate the male mice from the female mice. Also it is sometimes hard to tell which are males and which are females so you may want to have a book for that too. Good Luck!

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daryl b.

Apr 18, 2011

in hate nto say it but a lot of people feed what they call pinkies. that is before they even get fuzz. the only way to be sure you don't bet more is to seperate the males and female as soon as possible. they are capable of breeding very young

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Apr 25, 2011

What a cruel and medieval form of punishment. Act like a mouse and impregnate the female due to my own ignorance of keeping you in the same cage, so suffer the horrible wrath of my snake's hunger?
I guess do as Daryl says and feed the babies to your snake, too. It's heartless, but you sound like the gal for the job.

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