Q: Enhancing Adoption Chances for Inky (black & mostly black) cats / dogs

June 16, 2008 | By Julie Kay S. | 1 answer | Expired: 2337 days ago

Julie Kay S.

Reading the Panda article made me think that this may be a good idea for improving the adoption success rate for black and mostly black cats / dogs. Maybe naming them with the word "panda" as part of their name? How about others' ideas of how to help these inky and neat cats / dogs survive and find great forever homes?

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Jun 16, 2008

I think putting the cute little tuxedo collars around the neck the tuxedo cats and black cats makes them look cute, elegant and formal. It draws attention to them, which they need so they'll stand out more. I don't think I understand what inky means in England. I kind of think inky sounds too much like stinky and ink can be in any color so I don't get it.

The fashion world says things like brown is the new black. Maybe rescuers can borrow phrases from the fashion world since they talk about black so much and it's not borrowing from history. Perhaps phrases that are something along the lines like black is the new black, or black matches everything, or black is back, or black is always in fashion.

I don't know all the phrases but I don't think people from the fashion world will be offended by rescuers borrowing phrases to promote campaigns to save the lives of animals.

I like "black is back" with fashion layouts of the animals on "catwalks" sporting the latest fashions in animal clothing and accessories. You might even be able to get aspiring models to walk black dogs down the catwalks and hold pet fashion shows to promote awareness of adoptable pets.

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