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February 3, 2010 | By Kaukab B. | 3 answers | Expired: 1772 days ago

Kaukab B.

Does anyone here own the kitty emery board scratcher product..?? I was wondering if it's really a good buy for cat owners.. I've got two kitties.. The older one isn't too bad, but the younger one is especially stubborn and difficult when it comes to getting her claws trimmed.. Appreciate any recommendations - or warnings :)

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Feb 04, 2010

i haven't bought one, but it doesn't look very sturdy. i'm sure you're familiar w/cat's getting into scratching things. the emery board looks like it would slide all over the place and could possible flip over.
try clipping her nails over the course of a day. like, one here, one there. if you have time to kill, just sit w/her for a good 30-40 minutes and just take your time. one thing that sometimes helps is to keep them occupied w/treats. cat's who are finicky about their nails usually do best w/two people clipping them. have one person hold the cat w/one hand securing the paw and pushing out the nails, and the other arm wrapped around their middle, holding them so they're half sitting/half standing - and always have the cat's back facing them. cat's will retreat backwards from fear and only leap up and out when all else fails. when the cat goes to leap, the person holding her will have to release the paw and use that hand to hold the back of her neck - not so much gripping the fur, but applying pressure to the back of the neck to keep her in place. let her calm down before finishing. the person doing the clipping should be quick.

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Gail S.

Feb 04, 2010

I bought the Emery Board last month. My cat hates getting her nails trimmed and I was hoping that this would take care of that problem. The Emery Board is quite sturdy (won't flip over!) and it is not just the plain corregted cardboard that you get in stores. It actually is sprayed in some type of sandy materal that actually looks like it can trim nails. However, I can't get my cat to use it eve with the catnip mist sprayed on it. I'm still trying to get her to use it. It was a good idea forthis product and it may work for some cats. If you lived close, I woul give you my extra one. Shipping and handling fees were high.

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Feb 03, 2010

I was going to buy one but glad I didn't. My boyfriend bought 2 for his cat and its just a plain old cardboard scratcher you can buy at the supermarket for 5 bucks. Its just in a fancy plastic frame. The commerical is cute though.

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