Q: Elevated levels of liver enzymes in my dog--implications and possible treatment?

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We took our 10-year-old husky to the vet last week for her annual check-up. The bloodwork indicated that her liver enzymes were higher than normal. The vet advised us to monitor her drinking habits over the next month and bring her back in for a second set of bloodwork. Does anyone know if this can develop into a very serious, or even life-threatening, situation? Is this the beginning stages of canine liver disease? What can be done to treat/cure this condition? If she needs to be medicated, what kind would she need? Can we change her diet or provide naturopathic treatment instead? Our vet really didn't give any further insight into our dog's condition other than what I noted. Any advice would be useful. Thanks!

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Jill R.

May 19, 2008

I assume you are talking about AST and ALT liver enzymes. These can become elevated with injury to the liver. The enzymes levels go up when something is wrong with the liver, however, it could be many things, so it is best to follow up with your vet (I would say in 7-10 days, just to be cautious) and see if they are still elevated. Your veterinarian may recommend an ultrasound or a biopsy to get a definitive diagnosis.

There are some medications (SAM-E for instance) and food that your veterinarian may recommend to help support her liver.

Good luck and please tell us how everything turns out.

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