Q: Eddie The Possum?

February 26, 2013 | By Ches21 | 0 answers | Expired: 1067 days ago


Okay so Shasta never goes after anything outside except for any cats, dogs or people that happen to be in the alley or cats that happen to be in the yard so the other night it was completely outta her character Shasta found Eddie who a neighbor is feeding and chased him Shasta got Eddie the possum cornered and he could not get free there was no way I could get to Shasta or get stuff moved so Eddie wouldn't be cornered without hurting myself or one of them so I called Shasta several times and finally I came back in the house and got a treat for Shasta but by the time I got back Shasta was at the door and I saw Eddie taking off outta the yard Shasta is fine but I think she might have gotten a hold of Eddie because he looked like he was limping when he took off I know of a possum rescue just in case but how do I find Eddie again I am really worried about him and I have not seen him since not even tonight when I let Shasta and Abby out for their last trip outside any suggestions? Also I clicked on some one elses question to try and awnser it for them but it just went to a blank page please help?

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