Q: Early signs of upper respiratory infections.

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Lisa B.

The minute the foster cat, Squeeks, stopped eating I took her to the vet. The cat she came to me with a year ago, seemed depressed so I took her to the vet and she died with the IV in her arm immediately of upper respiratory infection. I have had Squeeks indoors with fresh air. The vet asked how long she had it and I said 24 to 48 hours at the most. He said it was a bad infection. The only thing I noticed was I was having to clean out her ears everyday which wasn't gooy like that before. I had been noticing the change in her ear wax for about a month. I thought they needed a runny nose or sneezing as a sign. I feel terrible that I didn't notice it sooner.

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Jan 26, 2010

not all cats will show the classic symptoms of an upper respiratory infection. think of when you get sick but have no fever, no coughing, no symptoms at all - but you just don't feel good. you don't need proof to be under the weather, and unfortunately animals are just the same.
ear wax build up is a good example of what to look for that many people would think little of. ear wax can be compared to a runny nose or teary eyes in that the body is creating more of it to flush something out. b/c upi affects the nose, eyes, and sinuses, you should check those areas {and what they connect to} for mucus and irritation. if waxy ears are reoccurring beyond 3 days, you should see a vet. though it doesn't seem like anything particularly threatening, anything in the ears is serious business and shouldn't be overlooked.
drooling is another lesser seen symptom, but this behavior is common when the cat loses a tooth so you'll have to judge the severity based on age.
you shouldn't feel terrible about it, you just didn't know. cats are pretty resilient and now she's being treated so she'll be fine.

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Gail S.

Jan 28, 2010

I have a cat that gets repeated upper respitory infections. Sneezing and brown gooey waxy ear build up are signs of my cats infection. He never seems very sick. Most people woud think no big deal that cat just has a cold. I've learned from past experiences that upper respitory infections are serious. My Veterinarian has advised me to crush a L-Lysine tabet and mix it with my cat's wet food daily to boost his immunity. The FVRCP shot doesn't seem to be effective in my opinion.Cats often don't show the pain and suffering like us human. Don't feel bad. Most people would not have noticed the infection. I am so sorry for your loss.

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Jan 27, 2010

I wouldn't have thought of the ear wax as a a sign of an upper respiratory infection either; I might have thought ear infection. Animals hide illness so well some times. My dog, Eboni, had a nasty yeast infection in her ears and she didn't act any different than normal. Because of that, I think it took me longer to get her treated. I agree with Jillian; Squeaks is being treated now and that is what is important; you shouldn't feel bad.

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