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August 7, 2011 | By Dabs | 3 answers | Expired: 1635 days ago

Durable toys

Every toy I have bought Arby that is supposed to be tough and durable does not last - the longest one has lasted is 3 days - am worried that he might get sick from ingesting any thing from the toy
He also manages to get zippers off of the dog beds

Had a pup choke on rawhide so I am leary about giving him that

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Aug 07, 2011

Get him some rawhydes!

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Aug 08, 2011

My dogs go through rawhide in a matter of minutes so that's not really durable for a determined dog either. Stuffies won't last with a heavy chewer & rubber squeaky toys usually get torn up rather quickly too...at least with my dogs. I always worry about them swallowing the squeakers because that's what they go for every time. I even tried the toys that were advertised as heavy duty & durable, but they obviously weren't tested on my crew! lol I've had good luck with Hol-ee Rollers by JW Pet. I sometimes put squeaker toys (ones that are big enough that they can't come out easily--that have to be squished together to go in) to make them more fun. I've had luck with some of the Kong toys, but only the rubberized ones. My dogs tore the arms off the Wubbas in record time & they pulled the felt covering off the Air Kong football which also ended up with a big gash down the middle of it because they tried to get to the squeaker. As far as them ingesting anything, you do have to worry about the squeakers. With stuffies I've heard of some dogs getting impactions from eating so much stuffing, but the ones made for pets shouldn't have any kind of chemicals on them that are going to create problems. Stuffed animals that aren't made for animals contain flame retardants & other chemicals that can cause problems when ingested.

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Aug 11, 2011

Kong toys and rope toys are the most durable. Kong makes a pretty wide selection of toys if Arby's like my dog and doesn't care for the wobbler. Rope toys are great and even clean their teeth while they play. Avoid those connected to plush toys and shoot for the ones with rubber balls or tennis balls attached.

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