Q: Due to health my Pawbabies no longer can sleep with me what can I do to make the change easy?

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My chihuahua, China 9, & poodle, Chara 7 have slept w/ me since they were puppies. Due to my health they no longer can sleep w/ me. Unfortunately this is a permanent change. I have to put a gate up in the laundry room and that's where they stay during the night. They have water, puppy pad, their beds. (a light stays on 24/7) My chihuahua cries some nights a good bit some not so much. Poodle seems to be ok. I'm told to stick to it and not to change the routine that I have started and in time they will be ok. My chihuahua does have anxiety problems. She's afraid of everything and she deals w/ it by barking and attacking. She'll go round & round barking at her tail whenever she hears a sound or somebody walks into the room. So that's why I'm worried about this change for her.

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Oct 24, 2012

Can they sleep in the room with you as long as they stay off the bed or do they have to be totally out of the room? If they can stay in the room, your best bet might be to crate train them and then let them sleep in a crate in your room where they are able to see and hear you. That would ease a lot of anxiety for them. Otherwise, as others have told you, you'll just have to tough it out and keep doing what you're doing until they learn that this is how it is. Eventually whatever you do will become the new habit and routine and they'll be okay. It takes time and patience and you have to just really steel yourself against the crying. If they continue to stay in the laundry room, you could try leaving a radio playing softly in the room. I find soft mellow music tends to calm them.

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