Q: dry skin

June 29, 2009 | By Littletam39 | 4 answers | Expired: 2406 days ago

dry skin

what can i do for dry skin for oscar

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Jul 02, 2009

use a shampoo just foe short hair and dry scalp don;t bath to much use wipes for in between. and having better food help the coat and skin.

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Jul 01, 2009

what kind of food are you feeding him?? Diet plays a big role in a dogs skin and coat??

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Patricia  C.

Jun 30, 2009

Oatmeal shampoo and brewers yeast is also good for their skin. Brushing frequently will also help the hair look shiny and the skin stay in better condition. Do not bath over twice per month.

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Michelle F.

Jun 29, 2009

How often are you bathing him? Bathing too often can dry a dogs skin. Also read up on shampoo's. Oatmeal shampoo has worked good for my sensitive dogs skin.
Food allergies can also be a problem - Corn is a big trigger! Check your food ingredients.
Hope these help some.

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