Q: Dry skin?

September 27, 2008 | By Sarah H. | 22 answers | Expired: 2237 days ago

Sarah H.

My dog scratches a lot. We know its not fleas. So we think it may be dry skin. Does anybody know of something that can help with that? Keep in mind that I don't live around any good pet stores where we can buy dog shampoo or anything. But maybe is there something we would find around the house or at Walart or something?

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Sep 27, 2008

Maybe try giving your dog some salmon oil? Fatty acids/omega 3s galore. Plus salmon oil has anti-inflammatory properties, which might help if your dog's itching is caused by allergies flaring up. You can buy Grizzly Salmon Oil or Timberwolf Salmon Oil, both made for pets, in pet stores on online.

Or you can buy human grade salmon oil caplets. A lot of times I find them at the drugstore and they are on sale or buy one/get one free. My dog eats the caplets without me having to hide them, probably because the caplets smell sort of fishy. Mmm, yummy!

Doctors Foster and Smith has a ton of pet products on their website that have Omega 3s and fatty acids and so on, and they will ship them to you and are pretty inexpensive, too. Check out their site and you will see what I mean.

It might also be allergies; if her food has lots of wheat, soy, or corn in it these are common dog allergens. Some dogs are allergic to beef or red meats, others are allergic to chicken. Some dogs are even allergic to the grass and outdoor pollen, etc. just like people. So the salmon oil might help with this but won't cure it. Hopefully it's just dry skin! (Make sure you don't bathe your pooch too frequently if she has dry/sensitive skin.)

Good luck! I hope your dog feels better soon.

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Jessica T.

Sep 27, 2008

Have you tried adding fish oil to their diet? Sometime that helps. Some food and treats come with it in them already. Have you also had your dog checked for allergies, lots of scratching can be due to them too. Also make sure you are not bathing them too much as that will also dry their skin out.

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Mary Ann P.

Sep 29, 2008

Dream Coat by Halo
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