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August 25, 2009 | By sue k. | 4 answers | Expired: 1903 days ago

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My Pomeranian has such dry flaky skin. I'm not sure why but it seems like just the last year or so that she has this condition. She is 14 years old now. Could it possibly be age related ? I know. That sounds sort of dumb but I'm at a loss here.

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Kim M.

Aug 26, 2009

It is common when a dog gets older, for their coat and skin to deteriorate a little - just like ours. Adding salmon oil, which is rich in omega fatty acids, will help your Pom produce more oils in her skin and strengthen her coat. I would also suggest a gentle oatmeal soap-free shampoo and try not to bathe her more than once a month, because if you over bathe her body will not have enough time to replenish the oils in her skin and it will cause her to be itchy and flaky.

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Aug 26, 2009

I am a dog nutritionalist and i think what you need is NuVet. This is a product that i racomment and i use it on my own dogs. My golden had the same problem and once i got him on NuVet his skin and coat changed. He looks like he is ready for the show ring.

The good thing about Nuvet is that it is a vitamin not a medicine. It is completely safe. The body only takes in what vitamins it needs and flushes the rest out. It is FDA approved and it is made in the US only. Each mineral is quorentined and purified to make sure it will work at its best.

The thing is they only sell NuVet to groomers, vets and dog nutritionalists. I have a code and if you can go ahead and use it. It is 36107

I hope you will try this product (100% guarntee, if you do not like it you send it back)

If you have any question you can email me at omegaEVH@gmail.com

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Aug 26, 2009

To add to the other answer which I thought was excellent I too have a Chi with allergies and have to keep her totally flea free and wipe her down with baby wipes when she comes inside as she is allergic to grass. When we get a dog that has scaly skin we usually put it down to allergies too. I am not sure of the age thing but I would think that she would have developed this sooner if it was/is an allergy. Try oatmeal bathes for a while to sooth her skin that might help. Best of luck.......

Kim & Krew
Maggie Mae
Pilot S.D.

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Aug 25, 2009

Your question isn't dumb at all!
Is she scraching and itching like crazy? A red rash?
Then it is allergies.

Could be allergic to her food.
My Chihuahua was like that and I put him on Blue Buffalo and he cleared up.
I believe he is allergic to wheat.

Try switching food (slowly) and see if that helps. Good luck!
Is she clear of fleas? My Chi. gets one flea bite and it all starts up again.

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