Q: Dr. Harvey’s Canine Health & other dehydrated pre-mix dog foods?

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i didn't see any product reviews, so i figured i'd ask.

does anyone know anything about Dr. Harvey’s Canine Health? the website says "Dr. Harvey’s Canine Health is a revolutionary all-natural, holistic dog food pre-mix. Canine Health is made from 6 certified organic grains, 9 vegetables and 14 herbs." basically, you rehydrate it and then add the meats / proteins yourself.

nowhere in our area carries this food, but here's the website: www.drharveys.com/products/show/12-canine-health-the-miracle-dog-food

it came up when i was searching for foods that would be good for a dog with renal failure. it suggests that this would be a good food for that situation because since you add the meat yourself, you control they type and quality of protein as well as the phosphorous content in your dog's food.

does anyone know about this stuff? i know that this is by no means the only dehydrated pet food pre-mix out there, so does anyone else have any experiences with such products?

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Mar 17, 2010

Hello - I registered for this site just so I could answer this question. I have 4 dogs, one of them is a golden retriever. In his old age, he has had several different health concerns appear. Many of them genetically predisposed. I have fed him Wellness for years, and then Origen - The two best dog foods on the market (I know people differ in opinion of this, but this is what I know from much research). I still had problems. They looked healthy, but they hated it. My golden would whine and cry in front of his bowl, my Jack Russell would run and hide under the couch every single time the food was opened. (the beagles are clueless they'll eat literally anything - that's another problem, though). I then started them on a natural diet. I tried to give the raw meat a go, but I just didn't really trust it. I found a Biologist with a phD from Stanford's blog, where she documents her dog issues and the effect of the BARF diet and how she cooks the meat at high temperatures for a few minutes to kill certain types of harmful bacteria. So this is what I did.

It was great. They loved it and they were healthier than ever. I brought them in after 6 months of this diet to the vet and their blood work was fantastic. But ultimately, i continued to stay worried about vitamin levels etc. So my friend works at a privately owned pet store and told me of how her boss began ordering Dr. Harvey's. She started her story by telling me how funny he is because he had to throw a lady out of the store who got very agitated when he would not sell her ALL of the bags of Dr. Harvey's (apparently she was trying to stock up) and she didn't understand when he said that he has many loyal customers who rely on this food regularly. He told he would order her more, but after she cursed at him and fled, he told my friend that more and more people have been trying to do this; that he can't keep it on the shelves.

My friend brought me a very small bag to try and the second I opened it, I wanted to eat it myself. I changed them over right away. My old arthritic golden retriever has his shiny coat back and runs and plays, to the point that our very young Jack Russell will try to bite him when he can't keep up with HIM! The results continue to get better. I love it. They love it. I will NEVER feed them anything else ever again. I feel ashamed of myself that I was so stupid to think that it was acceptable to feed my beloved dogs, my kids, something that I wouldn't eat myself. I would eat their food now. I have heard the exact response from my mother who has 7 cats after she put them on this food.

The food is not cheap. But, please keep in mind that I have four dogs, one of them quite large and it's worth it. It's worth it to see them so happy. The oblivious beagles who before only ate quietly, now run in circles around the house at breakfast and dinner, they bay and howl and sit by the bag when I'm running late. The Jack Russell who used to hide now RUNS into his crate and sits there, butt and tail wagging so quickly it looks like vibrations, waiting while I make it for him. If you have one cat though, the 10 pound bag will literally last you MONTHS. And the amount of future vet and health care costs that you will save from malnutrition, diseases from low immunity, cancer, etc, plus the peace of mind you feel from doing right by your pet, is priceless.

One last note, I used to watch a show on HBO called, "Dead Like Me." It was about a teenager who dies and becomes a grim reaper. The "reaping" work was an actual business and they had an office. Upon entering the office, the girl notices mountainous stacks of papers. When she asks about them she is told that they are recordings of people's last thoughts before they died and that they are divided by thought category. The largest stack was devoted to the "pet" category. Each piece of paper read a variation of the same thought: "I should've taken better care of [insert pet name here]". I never forgot it.

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